No, not LOTR. Nerd.

I’m adding something new. Again. Lyrics of the Day. Every day there’s some stanza from some song floating in my head that seems to fit in some way, but it’s a little different than a song that feels like a Song of the Day. Lyrics of the Day are generally just a phrase or couple of lines, maybe a verse or a chorus when just that part stands out.

This little thing is more for me than for you, but you’re welcome to follow along if it amuses you. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll tell you what song they’re from. It would be fun to make you guess if you all weren’t so good at the Google.

So let’s kick it off. Here are my lyrics of the day. Feel free to leave guesses (sans-Google, cheaters).

We live like the sun
Comin’ up, comin’ down
Ever distant, ever proud
And how the world unfolds
Shall the young never see
All the wounds that never bleed

Just hold the line
You’ll find that time’s not enough

There’s a light on your face
And a hope on the breeze
A knowing whisper in the trees
There’s money to burn
And books to read
Another lie to be believed

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