Gluten-Free Lasagna

I meant to post this a week ago. Cause this.. was awesome. My sister had an awesome idea two weeks ago to whip up some gluten-free lasagna. She researched different recipes on the web and found two she liked. We couldn’t choose between them, so we combined the two.

The first recipe was one I had seen before, tried and loved. My beau at the time was pretty weird about GF stuff, but couldn’t get enough of the lasagna. Pretty sure he ate more than I did.

The second recipe piqued my curiosity with the notion of putting raw noodles right into the lasagna without cooking them first. Makes sense with all the moisture in the cheeses and sauce, but I had never tried it.

We decided to try the raw noodles, use all three cheeses mentioned between the two recipes, included the zucchini from the first, left out the onions from the second, and everything else was basically the same between the two.

I was skeptical about the raw noodles at first. They were still solid up until about 10 minutes before it was done. It turns out perfect except for the bottom layer which was a tad crispy. I’d recommend cooking at 350 degrees instead of 400 for 50 minutes.

While my non-Celiac family has been pretty open-minded about trying my wacky gluten-free stuff, I would never say I’ve had them drooling over a GF dish I’ve made for dinner. (Except those pies I made at Thanksgiving.) Until this. Holly and I had everyone anxious for a taste by the time it was done.

Survey says? AWESOME!

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