Smell Like a Mac

Hello, friends.

Look at your PC. Now back to Mac. Now back at your PC, now back to Mac. Sadly, it isn’t Mac. But if it quit using serial numbers and started running open source, it could smell like it’s Mac.

Look down. Back up. You’re on a plane with the Mac your PC could smell like.

What’s in your hand? Back at me. I have it, it’s a BestBuy box with two batteries for that thing you love. Look again. The batteries are now earbuds.

Anything is possible when your laptop smells like an Apple and not a PC.

I’m on a Mac.

Original OldSpice Commercial

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Rather Than Tweeting..

Once in a while I have a thought about something random, and want to post it somewhere, but I’m bored of Facebook and Twitter for that kind of thing. Cause who really cares about that? So rather than tweeting my random things and subjecting innocent followers to it when they don’t care, I’ll post it here. That way, if you want to click the link in the tweet, or make the effort to come to the sight, then clearly you deserve being subjected to my randoms. Ha-haha.

Future randoms will potentially include:

  • Ridiculous quotes of things my familial-types say
  • Pet peeves
  • Stupid things I wonder about
  • Whatever-the-heck else I feel like

Consider yourself informed and warned.

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