April 28

Because hate is legislated . . . written into
the primer and testament,
shot into our blood and brain like vaccine or vitamins

Because our day of time, of hours — and the clock-hand turns,
closes the circle upon us; and black timeless night
sucks us in like quicksand, receives us totally —
without a raincheck or a parachute, a key to heaven or the last long look


Because slow negative death withers the world and only yes
can turn the tide


One comment

  1. When all the poems on the subject have been written and all the night and day dreams dreamt, without prophesy or fulfillment.
    When hope sustains us no longer-
    nor being drunk or busy or therapeutically in love keeps us from remembering.

    When our new interests, our richer lives . . . require quotes
    to qualify their meaning; and however hard we try,
    we can exploit our grievances no further to fortify our resolutions-

    what will we do to keep madness sulking in the brain?