And Sometimes..

..I ignore my blog completely for more than a month. Let’s be honest, it is intentional. It isn’t truly a blog anyway. Right?

But there’s a reason you come here. I’m here because I own the place. I keep house, maintain the ambience, manage utilities, blah blah. My presence is required. But you, you’re a guest. Your presence here is optional. If you don’t want to come here, you don’t have to.

So maybe you’re here because you compulsively tap every link that makes its way into your social feed. Or maybe you’re here because you’re so deprived of invites to the newest, hottest and most exclusive social music clubs on the Internets that this is your only source for music discovery. That would truly be a sad state of affairs, my friend. (Btw, if we’re friends on Facebook, you can totally get in on You’re welcome.)

Or maybe you come here on your own, “just to see”. But to see what?

Conscious or not, you’re looking for something. A minute ago, you were somewhere else, looking. Right now, you’re here. Looking. Maybe you play a few seconds of the song, maybe you read the lyrics, maybe the photos make sense and maybe they don’t. Maybe you’re reading between lines, or maybe you’re just killing time. Maybe..

So what are you looking for? And what makes you think you’re going to find it here?

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